Notification of Absence Policy and Procedures

University Attendance Policy:

The university does not use a “cut” system. Each instructor decides whether to excuse class absences and determines how to permit makeup work (Undergraduate Catalog). Students are encouraged to attend classes regularly, but individual instructors determine attendance policies for their own classes (Graduate Catalog).

Procedures for Notification of Absences:

When possible, students finding it necessary to be absent from classes should make arrangements with their instructors prior to their absence.

When it is not possible for students to notify instructors prior to an absence and when the absence from classes is likely to be for an extended period (generally five class days or more), students or a family member may contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management to request the office to notify their instructors. The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management will ask for the student’s:

  1. Name
  2. zID Number
  3. Telephone number
  4. Dates / anticipated duration of absence
  5. Reason for absences (e.g., illness, hospitalization, etc)

In addition, the office will ask if the student is employed on campus/if a campus employer is to be notified, and if the student lives in university residence halls/if residence hall staff are to be notified.

Once information has been obtained regarding a student’s absence, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management will notify the student’s instructors, campus employer, and/or university residence hall staff as requested. Notification of the absence will be by e-mail. Notification of absences by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management does not excuse students from classes and/or course requirements; instructors’ absence policies prevail.

Notification to instructors when absence from classes is for a period of fewer than five class days generally is not made. Students who find it necessary to be absent for short periods of time (i.e., fewer than five class days) should personally contact their instructors regarding their absence as soon as they are able.

Students who have been absent from classes should contact their instructors as soon as they are able to discuss possible arrangements for completing academic course requirements.